What You’ll Find Here

I think you’ll find my posts will fit into one of three categories: Sports (mostly Boston sports, biking and snowboarding), Food (my own shitty attempts at food, restaurants and reader submissions) and Music (mostly Boston punk rock).

Above all else I want people who think they can’t cook to realize that it’s not that hard.  It’s like any sport – you gotta get off your ass and do it.  You won’t get better by watching it on TV and thinking “Wow, I wish I could do that!”  To that end, I only write about the simple, most of the time cheap, meals that I stick to when I cook.

Of course, you can’t cook all your meals so I’ll include good restaurants when I stumble into one.  Speaking of stumbling, I like beer so I’m sure I’ll throw in a beer review or ten.

I have enough Adult ADD that I can’t stay on one topic forever, so be prepared for some sports and music thrown in, too.

Got questions?  Suggestions? Complaints?  Unless you’re a Yankees, Canadiens, Flyers, Jets or Chargers fans you can email me at ManFoodBlog at gmail.


One Response to “What You’ll Find Here”

  1. Great blog. I like your cooking style. And you’re right people get way too intimidated by cooking sometimes. It should be fun.

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