Great news!

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Wow!  Where to start?

First off… The Bruins DESTROYED the Canucks tonight.  8-1 on the scoreboard and physically the Bruins were a force tonight.  Tyler Seguin will have his chance to shine but tonight having Shawn Thornton in the lineup was what the Bruins needed.  Even the goalie Tim Thomas was credited with a hit!  He fucking took out one of the Sedin sisters in front of the net.  Mark Recchi and Milan Lucic had the finger taunt going… this was a wicked good game.  I can barely type I’m so excited.

Secondly… On a more personal level I’ve officially lost 35 pounds since last year.  I tried to eat better and also rode my bike a lot.  It really is amazing how good decisions lead to more good decisions.

Thirdly… I was offered a job today which finally brings my unemployment “vacation” to an end in a couple weeks.  Wins all around tonight!


Steak tips part II

•June 4, 2011 • 1 Comment

I’ve made them once and showed you guys.  Well, I made them again.  This time they were naked – no seasoning whatsoever.  I cooked these bad larries up the same way as I did last night.  I had them with saffron rice and string beans.  I can’t wait to make some on the grill soon!

In case you needed another reason

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In case you were looking for a second reason to go to Taco Bell other than their food being cheap and good… check out what their sauces say.

Cucumbers and Tomatoes

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Apparently today is the day for cucumber and tomato salad!  I had initially wanted to make green bean and tomato “salad” but I had some logistics issues that prevented me (I had no green beans).  Since I had tomatoes on the brain, of course the next logical partner was cucumber!

I’m not exactly sure who decided this simple combo of two common veggies was so delicious, but I hope they realized their genius.

Anyway, I swear I didn’t copy Raven… I had the same idea on my own!

I won’t go into the rest of the meal… just the salad.  Also, as a random side note to this topic – I think this salad is great on top of cheeseburgers, too.  I’d rather put a couple scoops of this on my burger than a piece of lettuce and a tomato.  But that’s me.

What we’ll need…

  • Tomatoes (sliced up however you want)
  • Cucumbers (sliced and diced how you want)
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic (garlic powder if you want)
  • Salt (if you want)
  • Pepper (you get the drift)
  • Parsley (for the look)
  • Celery salt
  • Oregeno (if you want)

If you can plan it this way, mince the garlic well in advance and let it soak in the oil.  I didn’t do this as it was a last minute idea, but I try to if I get the idea early enough.  Make sure you mince the garlic real well unless you like chunks of garlic (I don’t).  Cut up the veggies to whatever size you want.  There’s no right or wrong way to do it.  One little tip for presentation purposes, I like to peel cucumbers in a way that there’s a stripe of skin left on them… see the pic to see what I mean.  It’s so simple, but makes it fun.

There’s two ways to serve this.  You can either throw all the ingredients into a big bowl and let people serve themselves.  This would work if you were making a shitload for a BBQ or something.  Or you can cut up the veggies and let people put them into their own bowl.  Either way, you’ll prepare it the same way for the most part.

On to the dressing…

The dressing for this is pretty customizable.  I added the garlic to the oil first (if you don’t prep it early, at least do that first and then cut your other veggies).  After that it’s adding whatever spices you want to your preferred taste.  I added a little bit of salt, some black pepper, parsley, oregano and some celery salt.  Mix it all up.  You can then either leave it in a bowl or add it to your big bowl of vegetable goodness.

That’s it!  It’s wicked easy and seriously pretty hard to mess up.

Four more wins.

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The Gaaahden lit up at night.

Bobby believes!

A couple worthy of paparazzi shots

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Cream cheese and salsa are a delightful couple.  They really should be the next big celebrity couple (except I actually give a shit about cream cheese and salsa).

This was a mango salsa (not homemade) on English muffins.  It was amazing.  You can also make dips like this for chips.

Leftovahs again

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Do you ever pull out leftovers and your plate looks like this:

Yeah, that sucks.  It’s boring.  It’s all the same color.  Even if your chicken had awesome flavor the night before, chances are it’s boring now.

Recently I’ve been paying more attention to not only how the food tastes, but what it looks like, too.  Does that change the taste?  Maybe not physically but I do think that if a plate LOOKS good it’ll taste better.  I don’t think I’m dropping news here, but that’s the main reason you go to a restaurant, right?

Anyway, it’s time to use your imagination.  I opened up the fridge and cabinet to see what there was.  I normally use pineapples with pork… but it’d probably work with chicken, right?  Sure.  And there’s red peppers… I like red peppers.

But the key ingredient? Soy sauce.

This looks a lot better: