Seafood in Maine

This post is mostly about keeping my streak alive.  I’ve had at least one post in each month for the past few months and didn’t want to break the streak!

A few weeks ago Sophie and I went to Ogunquit, Maine.  This is where my family has been vacationing for many, many years and I wanted to show her around.  Part of any trip to that area needs to include a stop at Jake’s in Moody.  There’s only one meal for me when I go: fried clam strips.  The only real options are onion rings or fries.

Without any further introduction, here are the finest fried clam strips in New England.  They are never over fried so you can taste the fresh seafood.  They aren’t too clammy.  They aren’t rubbery.  And the seasoning is perfect – not over done.

Even a fat kid has to throw in the towel at some point…

Now that I’ve introduced the blog to more people, I am going to attempt to start posting regularly again.  I haven’t been cooking as much fun stuff with work hours being so late, but I will attempt to start doing so once again.  I also have a decent queue of past recipes that I am excited to show everyone.  I will say that one involves surf and turf – and mangoes!


~ by NJC on August 31, 2011.

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