Punk Is Awesome

I love punk rock.  For the most part, all types of punk – but mainly street punk, oi, ska, and hardcore punk.  To me this genre of punk sings about real issues – not the mindless junk on the radio.  Lots of this music may sound angry (and a lot of it is) but if you actually read the lyrics you’ll see most of the bands sing about equality, ethics, morality, family, working, standing up for yourself and what you believe in.  Try to find those topics in the songs on MTV or a top 40 station.  You can go to a show wearing what you want – no need to dress a part here.  The punk culture is about being yourself.  The music has no filter (largely because it never ends up on the radio) and no mold to fit.

For example…  Flatfoot 56’s “Courage” singing about family, working, morals, etc (click the link for lyrics).  The last time I saw them live they dedicated it to everyone’s grandparents – reminding us they’re the reason we’re here.  Reminding us that the generations before us were the reasons we were able to go to college, the reason we weren’t working the 14 hour days in the factories mentioned…

Lars Frederiksen covering Billy Bragg’s “To Have and Have Not“.  Lars is best known for being the guitarist in Rancid (sorry Tim, I’m not convinced you actually play).  The title is pretty self explanatory.  But in case some people need to be reminded, just because you’re not wearing fancy clothes or going to the “best” schools doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.

How about some more working class punk rock?  Spunge puts a fun ska twist on the class topic here.

Living near Boston, I am spoiled.  Boston has not only great venues for small shows – but great punk bands to fill those venues.

Aside from the famous bands like The Mighty Mighty BossTones and Dropkick Murphys there’s tons of wicked good street punk bands from this city.  See bands like The Have Nots, Street Dogs, Far From Finished, Welch Boys, Blood for Blood, Ducky Boys, Pug Uglies.  All sing about real topics, real issues that (should) matter to common people.

Not all punk is aggressive.  Mark Lind has recorded some of the more thoughtful punk to come out of Boston.  While his earlier bands like The Ducky Boys (NEW ALBUM BEING RECORDED NOW!!) deal with more street punk topics with a street punk sound, his latest endeavors dive into relationships, etc.  Who can’t relate to this song?

Slapshot is arguably the best hardcore band to come outta Boston.  (It’s a toss up between them and Blood for Blood.)  One of my favorite Slapshot song is their cover of SSD’s “Get it Away”.  Maybe it’s because they’re singing about how smokers need to shut up about not being able to smoke and stop polluting my air with their cancersticks.

Speaking of BFB… they have a great song that is about most of the MTV watching “Guido” wanna be tough guy wankers.  I love Rob’s intro to the song.  Everyone knows the type they’re singing about – pretending to be a tough guy blasting their ghetto rap with the hat sideways while driving their new M3 around Wellesley or Lexington.

Bottom line: punk is authentic.  It’s real.  It’s something those of us who are disgusted by Jersey Shore can relate to.  It’s something you can listen to when life has you down due to money, women or whatever else.  It’s music that is driven by the musicians – not some fat ass fucking prick of a record executive signing off on some album that’s either degrading or about nothing.  I’m done ranting and raving.

Tomorrow I’m promising you a new hockey music video and another food post!  Until then… fuck mainstream music!  Thanks for reading (hopefully at least some) of my rambling.


~ by NJC on May 17, 2011.

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