Pork and Apple Kabobs (and my first food video)

I made this a couple weeks ago, but had it stuck in the queue till now.  This was an experiment that went delightfully right!  I feel like it looks and tastes like it should be complicated to make, but isn’t at all!

PS, I just want to say hi to any and all people who semi stalk me on here.  I know you’re out there! It’s flattering – but feel free to say hi.

Ingredients (wicked simple):

  • pork (cut into the same sized pieces)
  • apples (cut into same sized pieces)
  • raisins
  • brown sugar
  • cinnamon sugar
  • potatoes (I baked ’em)

Any time you want to have baked potatoes, you do need to plan a little bit more than normal.  Not because they are difficult to make but because they take a bit of time.  It can also be tough to tell when they’re done.  I put them in the oven at 350* usually for an hour.  After that hour I test them to see if they’re done.  How can I tell if they’re done?  I could describe it… but aren’t videos more fun?  While I didn’t involve any hockey in this video… I did involve some completely unrelated Boston hardcore as the soundtrack.  If you don’t want to listen to loud music press mute!

Now that we got the side dish outta the way, let’s get to the main course.  Cut the apples up into whatever size you want.  If you want to kabob some of them or all of them, then make sure they are the same size so each side will touch the pan.  In a sauce pan, melt some butter and then add in brown sugar.  Let the brown sugar melt and combine with the butter while stirring the mixture.  Add cinnamon and more butter as well as a little water so it doesn’t become a goo.  Drop in the apples and cover.  Stir the mixture up on medium to medium low heat.  We’re not trying to cook them or stew them – just soften them up and mix them with the spices.  You can also add in raisins if you like. 

Once the apples get going, you can cut up the pork.  Be sure to cut the pieces roughly the same size so all sides will get cooked.  Tip!  You really just need to make sure those going on each kabob are the same size.  Every single piece doesn’t need to be the same size.  In a bowl, pour some cinnamon sugar and dip each piece of pork in this… coating the whole piece.  Skewer up the meat and put it on your greased up frying pan.

Chances are you’d be checking on your baked potatoes now… but for the sake of blogging I did that first.  Cook the meat evenly on each side.  If you want to kabob some apples, take some similarly sized pieces out of the sauce pan that you’re warming them up in.  Be sure you watch your apples and don’t turn them into mush!  Unless that’s what you want.

After the meat is cooked you’re ready!  The potatoes should be done and the apples should be all cinnamony and yummy.


~ by NJC on May 5, 2011.

8 Responses to “Pork and Apple Kabobs (and my first food video)”

  1. Hi. i semi stalk you…just saying. Also, the pork looks great and i love the video!

  2. Oh this Pork and Apple kabob sounds so delicious. Love the brown sugar in this. And I loved the video. Very nice.

    • The brown sugar is the best part. It’s got good flavor but also makes the apples a little gooey and the pork a little crispy.

  3. That soundtrack is playing every time I cook! Wicked, as you’d say, recipe.

    • Thanks!

      Wicked shouldn’t the adjective… it’s the adverb!

      It can be a wicked good recipe… or a wicked bad recipe. But it ain’t a wicked recipe.

      Just a lil FYI! haha

  4. Haha I have to say I was laughing out loud at your video. That is so you, it’s not even funny.

    The recipe is great, thanks for sharing it Nick!

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