Mexican in Boston

Well, it’s in Cambridge – but for most of you there’s no difference.  Sophie and I had walked by Picante Mexican Restaurant many times.  We were always going some where, but always commented on how good it smelled.  Well, we finally went in a little while ago.

Everything about this place is pretty awesome.  They give you a ton of (good) food, it smells great, it’s clean, it was quick, there’s a salsa bar and there’s a good variety.  This is a Panera style place where you place your order and then they call your name when it’s ready.

We started off with soup and it was a mistake.  Not because it was bad – but because they gave you a shitton.  The soups were amazing and they gave you a legitimate  bowl of soup .  The food was great if you have room after your soup.  The beans were good, rice was good, meat was great.  I always enjoy a restaurant that has a self serve fountain for your coke.


~ by NJC on May 1, 2011.

One Response to “Mexican in Boston”

  1. I miss good Mexican. Everything down here is Tex Mex. That plate looks awesome.

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