Spring is Here… time to BBQ

Spring time is finally here.  Yeah, I know today is shitty, but it’s spring time.  You know what that means?  The Red Sox, grilling, shorts, open sunroofs, and biking!  The past few years it’s more importantly meant the Bruins are in the hunt for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Unlike the past few years though, game 7 wasn’t their Achilles’ heal this year.  The B’s took care of business this game 7 and took care of the f-ing Habs.  The Canadiens can now work on their diving for next year as well as their golf game.  Bring on the Flyers from Filthadelphia.

To commemorate the win, and the B’s / Habs rivalry in general, I put together a little video.  Fights?  Check.  Boston hardcore? Check.  Bloody Habs? Check.  Neely, Taz, Lucic, Reicher?  Check. [This video is not safe for work, children or French Canadians]

I admit that when I first started grilling I’d pretty much ruin the meat half the time.  Maybe it’s because we used charcoal, maybe it’s just because I didn’t know what I was doing.  Who knows.  I still use charcoal, but I’ve finally mastered it to the point where I can serve up some delicious food that’s not dried out.

The other day I decided on grilled chicken.  Like all the stuff I make, there’s plenty of ways to prepare it.  It all depends on what tastes you like and what you want to serve it with.  With chicken, I like to keep the breasts whole so they won’t dry out, though.

Here’s what I used for my BBQ chicken meal:

  • chicken (duh)
  • olive oil
  • salt (to flavor)
  • ground pepper (to flavor)
  • green peppers (on the side, but you could grill them)
  • ear of corn

This is really, really simple.  You can add whatever flavoring you like, but I wanted to keep it a very simple flavor.  After you get your grill ready to cook, put your chicken on the grill.  Keep the pieces apart from each other.  For flavoring and to keep the chicken moist, I sprinkled some salt and pepper in a bowl with olive oil, and then brushed the olive oil onto the chicken as it cooks.  Don’t go opening the grill every few seconds… I give them an oil bath when I put them on and when I flip them.

Speaking of flipping, you’re probably wondering when to flip them.  I flip them when I notice the part of the chicken that’s not on the grilling surface starts to turn white.  Just barely turns white.  Flip them, and then figure on it being a few more minutes.  It’s pretty easy to over cook chicken to be careful!  You can always throw them back on the grill if they’re not done.

After the chicken is done, the corn on the cob will be done, too.  To cook that you can either throw it on in the husk after you peal back a few layers, or husk it completely and wrap it with tin foil.  The tinfoil or husk will keep the corn moist, and if you use tinfoil you can put butter, salt and pepper in there, too.

That’s it!  Wicked easy!


~ by NJC on April 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Spring is Here… time to BBQ”

  1. My wife and I still leave the chicken on the grill too long sometimes. We never seem to burn anything else, but the chicken gets the worst of it. We call it blackened. Looks like a great plate. I love grilling corn. And I never burn it.:)

    • You just prefer chicken Cajun style. All the time. Nothing wrong with that!

      Chicken is tough to grill. Even tougher than pork. Once I see the top side starting to whiten (just barely… it’ll still be pink, but you can see the white through it) is when I flip it. Then figure a couple more minutes.

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