Left ovahs

Let’s say you got fries the other day with lunch.  Just hypothetically.  And you can’t quite finish them all –  maybe you should’ve ordered the medium.  What are you going to do?

My suggestion is cheese fries!

I know, I’m biased since I love cheese.  This is an easy way to spice up those extra fries.  First, I spread out some tinfoil on a baking sheet (way easier to clean up).   Spread the fries out evenly and then spread some cheese on top of the fries.  You can add whatever spices, veggies, meat (chili, peppers, onions, etc) on top of the cheese, too.  I added a little bit of chili powder.  I put the pan in the broiler for maybe 10 minutes and the fries were crispy and cheesy.  Way better than microwaving them!


~ by NJC on April 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Left ovahs”

  1. Oh My, I LOVE cheese fries but it’s hard to make them at home at times. But you did an incredible job with your left overs. I think I will try my hand at making some tonight. Great post.

  2. Dude, love cheese fries. I could eat that whole pan. Will have to make when my wife’s out of town. So not sharing!

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