Store Brand “Cola” Shootout

I like tonic (soda / Coke / whatever).  I like it a lot.  I drink too much of it.  That can get expensive, but are the store brands any good?

Well, some are… and some aren’t.  I did a little shootout to tell you about them.   I grabbed four store brand colas from near by stores to compare.  I chose MarketBasket Cola, Sam’s Cola (Wal Mart), Super Chill Cola (Shaws) and Stop n Shop Cola.

L-R: Market Basket, Wal Mart, Shaws, Stop and Shop

We’ll start with the SnS.  Price was $0.89 (plus deposit) for a 2 liter. It has a good cola smell when opened.  There’s a decent cola flavor with almost a Diet Coke like taste to it.  The cola is a little thick and not really thirst quenching.

Next up is the Super Chill.  Price for a 2 liter is $1.  They sell it in a 3 liter and cans as well.  It’s a little bubblier than the SnS.  The cola flavor is there with a little more tonic water flavor.  It reminds me of RC Cola a lot.  The cola is light and refreshing.

Third we have Market Basket.  Price was $0.50 for a 20 oz.  It also comes in a 2 liter and 12 pack of cans.  There is very little cola scent when the bottle is opened.  They do get extra points for having the coolest bottle (the bottle itself, not the label… see the pic to the left).  There’s a disappointing lack of cola flavor although at least it is bubbly.  It’d be more refreshing if there was more flavor.

Last but not least is the Sam’s Cola.  This was the cheapest at $0.78 plus deposit.  I believe I saw it in cans as well.  I’m not sure what the initial smell reminded me of – but it’s definitely cola.  The taste is creamy… almost like a cream soda – not very cola-y .  It actually reminds me of expired Coke my sister and I drank by accident once.  The expiration date says good by July 2011 which is scary.

And the ranking is as follows!

All around winner:

Shaw’s Super Chill Cola.  It’s refreshing, it has a good cola taste and it’s bubbly.  Very similar to RC Cola.  And it’s on sale this week for $0.88!  It’s on par with the big dogs.

Second place:

Stop and Shop.  It’s got a good cola taste and is nice and bubbly, but it’s a bit too heavy to be refreshing.

Best for the price:

Market Basket Cola.  The other options don’t come in single 20 oz bottles.  For $0.50 it’s not bad.

Do not buy,  do not drink if free:

WalMart’s Sam’s Cola.  This shit is seriously fucking disgusting.  I thought it was expired when I tasted it.  Spend the extra dime and get the Stop and Shop cola.


~ by NJC on April 8, 2011.

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