Indoor Steak Tips

We all know steak tips are best when grilled. It’s also a fact that it’s tough to BBQ in New England when it’s cold and/or snowing. What’s a pastie white New Englander to do? Whip out the frying pan!

Here’s what you need for kick ass indoor steak tips (actually the same for outdoor tips, too):

  • steak tips (make sure you don’t get chewy tough steak meant for stews)
  • garlic powder (or whatever you want for a rub / marinade)
  • kabob skewers
  • peppers
  • pineapple
  • whatever sides you want

For this meal I made a yellow rice as a side.  It was all prepackaged… no need to spell it out.  You can serve these with about any side you want.  I also had to buy some Greek Olive and Feta salad from the olive bar at the grocery store.  They were beyond good!

First off you’re going to need to slice and dice all the ingredients that will be cooked.  I only wanted steak, pineapple and peppers.  You could definitely use onions, peaches, mangoes… anything!  The key with kabobs is to try to cut the pieces that will be on the same skewer to the same size.  Other wise when you flip them, they won’t be in contact with the cooking surface.  It’s tough, but worth it!

If you are coordinated enough, you can put the meat on first and cut the veggies as the meat cooked.  The veggies will not need to be on the pan nearly as long as the meat.  Before putting the meat on the pan, sprinkle on your seasoning.  If you want, you can cut the tips up the night before and let them marinate in whatever you want.

Spray the pan with some sort of cooking spray, coat it with some butter, or something so the meat won’t stick.  Get the tips going first as you cut the veggies and fruit.  You should probably get your side dish going too (what are you going to make with this?).  The point of the kabobs is to keep all the meat cooked evenly, and on four sides.  So be mindful, and be sure to rotate the kabobs.  I like cooking meat this way, as opposed to just chopping it up and throwing it in the pan since it makes it easier to keep the middle pink and juicy.

Once the steak has been flipped once or twice, throw the veggies and fruit on.  It’s up to you how much you want to cook it all.  I don’t like my peppers to get soggy and soft, so I don’t cook them all that long.  Now, you may be thinking, what’s the point in cooking the pineapple?  Well, as you cook them up…watch as their juice mixes in with the steak  juices and try to control yourself.  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

All of this will probably cook faster than you think.  Steak, when cut that small doesn’t take long to cook.  In general, I think steak cooks faster than people realize anyway.  Once it’s cooked, slide it all off their respective kabobs and onto the place with your delicious side dish.

And a pic from my cellphone.  Soph and I like to tease each other with what we’re cooking when we’re not cooking with each other.


~ by NJC on April 7, 2011.

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