Dining in Providence, RI

Trinity Brewhouse

Downtown Providence, RI

Pub food favorites, Pizza, A little bit of everything

Let’s say you’re in Providence for a Providence Bruins game.  Naturally you went early to avoid the inevitable parking lot that 128/95 South becomes during rush hour.  You’re hungry… one of you wants pizza, one wants seafood, one wants a burger and the other is that asshole who says “I don’t care… whatever you guys want.”  Where do you go?  The best answer is the Trinity Brewhouse.  It’s a stone’s throw from the Dunkin Donuts Center and downtown Providence.  They brew their own beer and have a varied menu.  The service is great and when the weather is nice there’s outdoor seating.  So go ahead, grab an IPA, a burger (or in this case a Greek pizza) and wear your black and gold outside before the game.

I ordered a Greek pizza the last time I was there.  Normally I’d get a beer, since their beer is delicious, but I’ve given up beer for Lent.  This was tough because Trinity’s beer is delicious and I enjoy having a brewski at hockey games.  Anyway, the food is great here… and the Bruins won that game 4-1!

Shots from the Baby B’s game (cell phone pics)…


~ by NJC on March 23, 2011.

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