Chicken Salad

Let’s say you made baked chicken last night.  Today you’re looking in the fridge for something for lunch.  You look past the jelly – you had PBJ yesterday.  You look for some cold cuts – but it’s at least two days before shopping day.  Tuna fish could work – if you had some.  Wait, what about that chicken?

This is ridiculously easy once you have the prebaked chicken.  And the best part is there’s really no “wrong way” to make it.  I start off with the basic recipe of chicken, mayo, breadcrumbs and some mustard.  After that I add whatever veggies and spices I have laying around and I feel like.  In this case I added some chopped carrots and celery.  I also used honey mustard instead of yellow mustard.  For spices I went light with just a hint of salt and pepper.  My go to spices for chicken salad are chili powder, cayenne pepper, lemon pepper, celery salt and garlic powder.  No, not all of them at once – but usually one or two.

All you need to do is dice up the chicken and combine in a mixing bowl with a couple of scoops of mayo and a couple of squirts of mustard.  You can make it at dry or as creamy as you like by adding as much or as little breadcrumbs as you want.  Once that’s all mixed up add in your veggies and other goodies and mix it all up.

Bonus points if served on a warm toasted English muffin.  Next time.



~ by NJC on March 19, 2011.

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