Wicked Easy Pudding Pie

I don’t normally dive into desserts – not just in the blog, but in general.  Desserts really aren’t my jam.  This is not to say I say no to ice cream or cookies but I rarely, rarely make anything remotely resembling a fun or fancy dessert.

But, sometimes I get the motivation.  This time the motivation was Soph’s awesome Greek-ish casserole.   She handled that meal and I took care of the wine and the dessert!

Anyway, you too can make a dessert that looks way harder to make than it actually is.  All you need is four simple and cheap ingredients.

For this you’ll need instant pudding mix (I used Jello brand), milk (2 cups), grahm cracker crust (premade) and whipped cream (“optional” I ‘spose).  Follow the directions on the package of pudding to make the pudding.  It’s really just mixing the milk to the pudding mix and then setting the bowl in the fridge for five minutes.

After the five minutes is up, take the pudding out of the fridge.  Pour the pudding into the instant pie crust.  If you want to make it look pretty (and you know you do), spread the pudding out neatly and evenly.  After this, put the pie back into the fridge until it’s ready to serve.  I’d give yourself as much time as possible between preparation and and presentation as the longer it sits the firmer it’ll be.  The firmer the pudding is, the neater it’ll look when cut and served.  Please note, this does not mean to make the pie three days in advance.

To serve, cut the pie and spray on as much or as little whipped cream as your inner fat kid desires!



~ by NJC on March 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Wicked Easy Pudding Pie”

  1. Look at you with the fancy dessert! Good for you Nick! 🙂

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