End of an Era

Today was the last Dale and Holley show on WEEI.  They were the last show I liked to listen to on WEEI for a few reasons.  First, the morning show is hosted by two numbnuts who know crap about sports and hold moronic political views.  The afternoon drive home show is 90% yelling back and forth.  Finally, not only were D & H intelligent, witty and entertaining – Dale Arnold was the only host on sports radio that really knew about hockey.  Back in the day, Arnold would do the play by play for the Bruins on TV.

Today’s show had regular guest hockey analyist Mike Milbury as well as special guests Ray Bourque and Rosie Colvin.   It’s a sad, sad day.  I got no sports radio left to listen to!  RIP D&H.


~ by NJC on February 24, 2011.

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