More VT (and an injury)

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Sophie and I went to her parents’ VT house again.  We had planned to do some snowboarding, some walking, some cooking and some playing on the frozen Lake Champlain, too.

We played around on the lake for a while on Friday. It was eerily quiet on the lake when frozen!

And then we walked around Button Bay Park at sunset to take some pictures.


The weather was great and the scenery was beautiful! We decided to go to Smugglers’ Notch on Saturday to go snowboarding.  We went on our first run down Madonna mountain.  It was just a “recon” run to scope out conditions and do a flyby of the terrain park to see what we would hit on the second run.  On our second run we took a route that would lead us into the park with enough speed to hit the first rail in the park.  Sophie went first… and crashed on the landing.

After a few moments of sitting on the slope to let her catch her breath, we finished the run.  When we got to the lodge, we took a beer break to see how she was feeling.  After the beer was done, she realized her back still hurt.  She made me (yes, made me! check out her story !) go for a third run as she went to the ski patrol office to get some aspirin.

Well, I felt my phone get a text right as I was close to getting off the lift.  I checked it when I got off the lift and Sophie was telling me she was in the ski patrol room and I should meet her there.  Then shortly afterwards I get a text saying they wanted to take her to the hospital.  I hauled ass down the mountain! By the time I got to the lodge, the ambulance was already at the lodge.

Long story short, she was in the ER for 9 hours on her back.  (We did have some great food in the hospital – no joke!) She ended up fracturing her back and her neck and needs to wear a neck and back brace for up to 6 weeks.  She’s one tough customer… much tougher than me!

You can read her take here.


~ by NJC on February 23, 2011.

One Response to “More VT (and an injury)”

  1. thanks for taking care of me and also for making being stuck in the ER for nine hours better than just bearable 🙂

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