Trade deadline action…

Well, the rumor mill was right.  The Bruins traded for Tomas Kaberle today.  It was also right in that both Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart were dealt away.  I realize the B’s also got a few other players but let’s be serious – Kaberle is the big attraction.  It still amuses me that the Bruins kept harping on needing that PCD (puck carrying defenseman) after they traded away Wideman (who was their number 1 PCD) then traded away Matt Hunwick (who was so offensive minded and could skate so well that he skated as a forward in a number of games for Boston) and then called up Steven Kampfer (who’s game revolves around his ability to skate and make plays).

I’m not saying any of these guys are on the same level as Kaberle – but you could’ve had your PCD and still had your first rounder, a big forward who’s finally playing tough and smart, and one of your tougher stay at home defenseman.  I realize if they kept Wideman that we wouldn’t have Gregory Cambpell or Nathan Horton.  Those are two guys I’m glad they got.  I guess the big thing that is clouding my vision is that right now Kaberle is a rental.  We all know he wants a contract, but will Boston give it to him?

In the end it’s tough for me since I thought Stuart was a fun guy to watch play.  Not because he was going to score 40 goals (shit, or even hit 40 points), but because he played that tough old time hockey.  He was caveman strong and would just destroy people through green light hits or by dropping the gloves.  Wheeler sucked last year but was starting to play better this year.  I would have loved to have had Michael Ryder shipped out (what Bruins fan wouldn’t?) but we all know he costs too much for any team to want him.

Yes, I know I’m not talking about the other parts of the trade.  Honestly? I have no idea who the Bruins got from Atlanta.  I couldn’t tell you the first thing about them other than what would tell me.  I do know that Joe Colburne (shipped to Toronto) is up near the top in scoring for the Providence Bruins. I heard on the radio today  he had 12 goals with the little B’s.

The Bruins won tonight against Ottawa.  The baby B’s won tonight against Portland (full report coming since I was at this game).  Certainly a good post trade start for both clubs!


~ by NJC on February 19, 2011.

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