More Italian Food? Yup.

Well, in fairness this is more me catching up than me eating that much Italian food in a week.  Sophie and I made calzone over a month ago but I’m just writing it up now.

First things first, the key to cooking is to make it fun!  What’s an easy way to make anything fun? Add alcohol of course! (Boston punk nerdout – I wonder how many DKM “fans” know that song’s actually a Gang Green cover? Back to food…)  For this meal I picked up some Stone Brewing Company Ruination IPA.  It’s not for the faint of heart at 7.7 % and a very hoppy flavor (which we both like).

Any way calzone really only requires a handful of simple ingredients.

  • flour.
  • salt.
  • water.
  • yeast. (we used the kind that’s activated in warm water)
  • sugar.
  • sausage. (or whatever you want for the filling)
  • peppers. (or whatever you want for the filling)
  • cheese. (again, dealer’s choice for the filling)
  • olive oil, garlic powder, parsley (for drizzling on top)

In a good size mixing bowl (I think that is a scientific term), combine the yeast with warm water (follow what the packet says) with flour, salt and sugar.  Remember!  It’s much easier to add more water to a dry mixture!

Mix the ingredients up by hand.  Keep mixing until everything is mixed pretty evenly.  The mixture should be sticky but firm after it’s mixed enough.

After you mixed the flour mix cover it with some tin foil and let it sit for a while.  Maybe thirty minutes or so… just long enough to get the filling of your calzone ready to rock and roll! (Rock and roll nerdout – AC/DC is one of this guy’s all time favorite rock bands.  They’re fucking old men and still rocking out)

For our filling we wanted to do sausage, cheese and peppers.  We parboiled the sausages (put the sausages in boiling water just like you would for boiling a hotdog). The cheese was already shredded so all we had to get ready was the peppers.  Use your imagination here – you can use just about anything you want!

After the filling is ready you can get ready to roll out the dough.  Depending on how much dough you made, you might have to split the amount into two like we did.

After you split the dough, it’s time to roll it out.  Each of us took a different approach to this.  I went more with the “classic” calzone shape and she went with the “giant Italian dumpling” shape.  No matter the shape, it’ll be good!

When adding the filling make sure to remember that you need to fold the ends over to close the calzone.  It’s just like making a taco or burrito, so don’t add too much filling.

Just like when we made the dumplings, we added a little bit of water on the edges as we folded them over.  The little bit of water really acts like a glue and helps it stick together.

After the calzones are folded, place them on a baking pan.  Cook them at the trusty setting of 350*F.  Start with them in there for about fifteen to twenty(ish) minutes.  It’ll vary depending on what you have inside, how big the calzone, etc.

What Italian meal is complete without some red wine?  Yeah, a bomber of IPA only lasts for so long.  And yes, the green olives in the background were our appetizer.  I could live off of olives and cheese for – well longer than I’d like to admit.

I told you alcohol makes cooking fun!

After the first fifteen or so minutes, check on the calzones.  At that point I mixed some olive oil with garlic powder and parsley and drizzled this on top.  After the drizzle goes on, we switched the oven to broil for about five or ten minutes to get the top crispy.

Hopefully if everything went more or less according to plan the calzone will come out resembling food.

And with that, I’m just going to end with gratuitous food pictures!









~ by NJC on February 5, 2011.

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