What I’ve been listening to.

If you really wanna know what I’ve been listening to, you can check out my last.fm page.  I’ve been using it alot lately – I find it better than Pandora for streaming radio.

At any rate, I’ve been listening to a lot of Lars Frederiksen.  You may know him as the guitarist for Rancid.  I like one of his side projects – Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards.  It’s more street punk where as Rancid has a more reggae feel.

And a nice Billy Bragg cover (and notice a cameo by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong:

I really like Rancid.  I think they’re a band that has stayed true and has stayed punk.  Tim is 45 and Lars is 39… I really wonder where today’s pop “stars” will be then? Probably not rocking out true to form still like this:

And one for old time’s sake:


~ by NJC on February 2, 2011.

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