Now that football is over…

I’m focusing solely on the Bruins.  They’ve been very hot lately – especially the last two games against Carolina.

A couple nights ago captain Zdeno Chara got his first career hat trick in an awesome game to watch.  I loved Z’s celebration after this third goal of the night.

Veteran and fan favorite Shawn Thornton has had a fantastic season with and without the gloves on including a fight and 2 goal effort not that long ago.

Just as impressive as the B’s play as a team has been the play of several youngsters.  Adam McQuaid is cementing his place on the NHL squad with his smart and at times brutally physical play.  Just ask Troy Bodie…

Another pleasant surprise has been the emergence of rookie Steven Kampfer

Brad Marchand is also making the most of his first full season in the NHL after splitting time last season between Providence and Boston.

And of course, prized first round draft pick (Thanks Kessel) Tyler Seguin.

I only have a couple of  “complaints”.  I want to see Lucic be more physical and be the power forward he can be.  I’d like to see more flashes of Seguin’s speed.  I always want to see more production and physicality out of Ryder. I used to feel that way about Wheeler but he’s been playing very smart and well overall – but I always say I want to see him be more physical to make full use out of his big frame.

My wicked awesome girlfriend got me tickets to the Sabres game on Thursday – so I’m hoping they continue their hot streak!


~ by NJC on January 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Now that football is over…”

  1. that was a lot of hockey in a little post.

    • I really, really like hockey. I think it’s an awesome team sport. Hockey players are some of the toughest pro athletes going. What other sport do you see guys get handfuls of teeth knocked out – and then they’re back playing a few minutes later? Good grief, baseball players get hangnails and they don’t play.

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