Street Dogs at The Paradise

I recently (a month ago) saw Street Dogs at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.  I dragged my sister and girlfriend along, too.  My sister was worried it would be “too scary” but I was able to convince her to go.  I assured her no hardcore punk bands would be playing and the circle pit wouldn’t be too bad.  I was mostly correct.

We showed up towards the end of the first band’s set.  I didn’t know they were on the list.  The band was Dead Friends from Boston, MA.  I know they feature one of the guys from The Pug Uglies (a defunct Boston hardcore punk band).  Following them was The Have Nots which is of course yet another Boston punk band.  They play a more ska style of punk and they were pretty freakin’ awesome live.  Following them were Flatfoot 56 from the south side of Chicago.  Flatfoot plays a style of Celtic punk that is in some ways similar to The Dropkick Murphys.  The big difference between Flatfoot and Dropkick is… well Flatfoot’s shows are way better.  The band really interacts with the crowd they seem much more sincere and connected to the blue collar themes they sing about.  They are a Christian band too – but that theme doesn’t come out too much in shows like this.

Before Street Dogs came out, the theme song to the Grinch played on the speakers, and someone in a Grinch costume tossed “gifts” into the crowd.  Things like Patriots and Bruins swag.  They played mostly newer stuff with some old songs thrown in.  It was a good crowd and a great set.  Street Dogs never disappoint in their shows.  There’s always a ton of energy and crowd incorporation.

If you ever get a chance to see any of these bands live… do it!


~ by NJC on January 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Street Dogs at The Paradise”

  1. It was a great show. I would do it over again, but circle pit not too bad? I sort of vaugley remember an elbow to the face…it wouldn’t have been a real punk show without it.

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