Easy Baked Chicken

It’s well known that fried food usually tastes the best – but sometimes putting something in the oven is so much easier.

Here’s what we’ll need to make some baked chicken:

  • chicken breast
  • bread crumbs
  • butter
  • Italian dressing
  • seasoning (optional)

After you cut and prepare your chicken breast however you like to prepare them, it’s time to bread and season them.  Place the chicken in a Corningwear, etc and then put the breadcrumbs on top.  How much is up to you.  After the breadcrumbs go on, put some butter on top of each breast.  This will help keep them moist.  The final step is to add some dressing and water mix around the chicken which will also help keep them moist.

Put them in the oven on the ever popular 350* for maybe… 30 minutes-ish and see how they look!


~ by NJC on January 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Easy Baked Chicken”

  1. […] tried baked chicken with cheese on top.  You can follow the baked chicken recipe and then add some shredded cheese on top.  After the chicken is cooked, add some cheese to the top […]

  2. […] I love cheese, so I decided to add some cheddar to my normal baked chicken. […]

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