Apparently I suck

At keeping this thing updated!  I’ve been busier than average lately and just haven’t had the time or motivation to keep up with this.  The good news is: 1) I have a back log of pics and food to write about! 2) I do want to keep going with this 3) I have 9 days until I see my girlfriend again so I have time to write up some blog entries!

Some of my would-be blogging time was spent making a video for my favorite band. Street Dogs are from Boston, MA and feature the original lead singer from Dropkick Murphys and the bassist from The Bruisers (which coincidentally was a previous band of the current DKM singer).

Enough of my nerding out about Boston punk.  The point I was attempting to get at was Street Dogs wanted a video of one of their latest singles with hits from the current NHL season.

This ended up being my entry:

I didn’t win the contest (which is bull shit for two reasons: 1) the video that won sucked 2) the video that won used footage from previous seasons!!)  But the lead singer did send me an email saying that my video ran neck and neck with the video that ended up winning which was cool.

I promise I’ll start digging into the backlog of recipes and other assorted junk I’ve taken pictures of!


~ by NJC on December 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Apparently I suck”

  1. the dropkick murphys are awesome! Love the boston punk.

    • Have you ever seen them live? They are decent live nowadays, but I have a feeling they are better to see outside of Boston. Smaller venues, less pinkhats, etc.

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