My sister decided to buy tickets to the Bruins game on Thursday.  We got individual seats in an executive suite that was not being used.  It was a great view for the price of a balcony seat!

Bruins fans may remember it was the return of old friend Dennis Wideman.  While never his biggest fan, I do feel like he got a bad rap here in Boston.  He seemed to be more unlucky than unskilled.  He’s of course also infamous for his failed shoot out attempt.

After sat in awe of the seats for a little bit, I headed down to get some grub.  Of course I needed a beer and popcorn is great beer food so I got a tub of that too.  Millah Lite is great for baseball games, but for hockey I needed a Sam Winter.

The game itself was a good one.  Tuukka Rask looked amazing all game.  Shawn Thornton had a fight and a goal (more goals than fights this season so far) and Milan Lucic had a hat trick.  It’s always a struggle before each game deciding which shirt to wear and on Thursday I wore Lucic’s shirt (coincidence? or the reason? haha).

Thorty’s fight:

Looch’s hat trick:

Sweeping up the hats:

Victory celebration:


~ by NJC on November 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Looooooooch”

  1. Now I feel stupid. I thought you were talking college sports like the Bruins from Cal! I’ve never been to a hockey game. I always think hockey games must be so cold!

    • Haha. It’s o.k. Here’s a hint to avoid the confusion in the future: the only college sport I watch is college hockey. (And I only go see my alma mater in person).

      The Garden isn’t too cold. By the time the playoffs roll around in April I’m usually wearing shorts to the games. I like hockey games way better than baseball games since I never over heat!

  2. What no Ice Girls pics?! WTF Nick! haha ;-)…Lucic was awesome that game, not to mention he is super dreamy! haha

    • No pictures, sheesh. First off my sister wouldn’t let me I’m sure. Secondly, pictures wouldn’t do them justice. But you’ve been there, you know this.

      I’ll give you Lucic, I’ll take the Ice Girls. And yes he had a hell of a game – he was the #1 star.

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