Lemon Pepper Sauce

I haven’t been neglecting this blog on purpose (not that anyone is really heartbroken I’m sure).  I’ve been surprisingly busy and haven’t really made anything new or exciting in a while.  Now, I have a backlog of two meals and a project to write up.

No, I didn’t eat just sauce.  But let’s be honest, when making a meal, isn’t the sauce or the gravy usually the best part?  This meal is highlighted by the lemon pepper sauce.  I’d say this sauce works best with chicken and second best with pork.  Anyway, I made some chicken with tortellini and lemon pepper sauce.

What we’ll need (the picture was before I had made my final decision!):

  • chicken. 
  • oil or butter for the meat in the pan.
  • flour.
  • lemon juice.
  • ground pepper.
  • Bell’s seasoning (optional).
  • chicken broth/bullion.
  • rice/pasta (I used tortellini).
  • veggie of choice.

First step, like with most meat based meals, is to cut up the meat.  For meals like this I like to cut the meat smaller as I like to mix all the ingredients together.

After you cut up your chicken, put it in the pan with the oil or butter.  If you want to toss a little pepper in the pan too, it wouldn’t hurt.  At the same time you should boil the water and make your pasta or rice, too.

When the chicken is cooked or almost done cooking, you can use a turkey baster and suck up some of the chicken juice to use in your sauce.

For the sauce start off with the usual flour and water mixture.  Like I’ve said, I like to mix the flour and water in a closed container first.  After I shake it up, then I’ll put the flour mixture into the sauce pan that I’m making the sauce in.

Once the flour and water mix is in the sauce pan, add some chicken broth to the sauce pan.  Turn the heat up and get the sauce bubbling and thickening.  Keep stirring and let the sauce bubble and keep thickening.  Mix in a couple cap fulls of lemon juice and pepper to taste.  Keep mixing and add water or flour until the mixture is the consistency you want.  I like to have it on the thicker side for a meal like this.

Once the pasta is done and the sauce is done… combine it all together!


~ by NJC on November 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lemon Pepper Sauce”

  1. I need to practice making sauces bad! This is such an easy recipe. And I love lemon pepper!

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