You can call me Uncle Manfood! (also how to make a pork roast)

We had a big family dinner on Saturday for my sister’s special announcement.  Yup, come March I’ll be Uncle Manfood.  (Ok, the kid will probably call me Uncle Nick).  Thank goodness I really like my brother-in-law since it looks like he’s really in it for the long haul now!  Anyway, we were telling my dad’s mother that my sister was pregnant.

As you saw, I made bruschetta as an appetizer.  The main course was a nice 5 pound pork roast.  This is another pretty “grown up” meal that is wicked easy to make!  I’m going to show you how I made the rub for the roast and tell you how to cook it.  The roast will take a few hours to cook, but the prep time only takes a few minutes.

Stuff we’ll need for the roast:

  • Meat.  I got a 5 pounder.  This was for 6 people.
  • Olive Oil.  For the rub.
  • Italian seasoning. For the rub.
  • Parsley.  Again, for the rub.
  • Sugar.  Rub!
  • Salt.  Guess.
  • roasting rack.
  • roasting pan.
  • meat thermometer.

The rub is easy.  It’s not really a dry rub, but not quite a dressing.  We’ll call it a semi dry rub.  Before you start making this, you should start preheating your oven.  Preheat it to 450*.  You’ll want to cook it at 450* for a few minutes before  lowering it.  You’ll see!

Add some oil to a bowl to mix.  I’d say maybe a shots worth at most for a 5 pounder.  Mix your spice of choice to the oil in the bowl.  Your ideal consistency will be almost like a paste.

The spices are your choice.  I showed you what I used.  The sugar was fun – I added a small amount just to give it a little sweetness and to add to the “crust” on the outside.

Once the rub is ready, put the roast on the rack in the pan.

Spread the rub all over the roast with your (hopefully clean) hands.  Make sure to rub it into every crevice you can!

How sparingly you cover the roast is a personal choice.  I always make sure that I can taste the  meat and that the spices accent the meat rather than smother it.

After the roast is rubbed, add some water to the pan (a small amount, you can add more later) and put the pig in the oven!  Make sure you put the side with the most fat on top!

Cook the roast at 450* for about 10-12 minutes.  This will give it a nice golden brown outside.  After the 12 minutes is up, lower the oven to 325* for the remainder of the time.

My 5 pounder took about 3 hours to cook.  The thermometer should get to 150 – 160*.

While the roast is cooking, check on it from time to time.  Add more water below and use a baster to squirt the water and drippings all over the roast.  You can also use these drippings to make a gravy if you want.

Once the thermometer reaches the “it won’t kill you” temperature you can check on it by poking it with a fork and then cutting is open.  Does it look really pink?  Cook it some more.  Does it look white?  Time to get your fat kid on!

It’s important that you place the thermometer in the middle of the roast and I usually aim for the thick end of the roast.  That’s also where I cut in to see if I’m done or not.

When in doubt, cook it longer!  I’d rather tell people they’re gonna have to add more gravy on top than have people get sick after they leave my house.


~ by NJC on November 1, 2010.

One Response to “You can call me Uncle Manfood! (also how to make a pork roast)”

  1. Your posts always make cooking meat look so easy! Other than smoking Tri-Tip I’m awful at it. I’ll have to try your rub and pork, it looks delicious! Congrats on becoming Uncle Nick.

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