Sneak peak for tomorrow’s supper


That would be “suppah” if I were to say it out loud!  This meal requires a little planning in order to do it right.  I’m having Italian sausages and pasta.  Sausages are even better when they can cook in the sauce for a while.   You know what that means right?  That would be a perfect job opportunity for your crockpot.


  • Italian sausages.
  • Sauce.  Canned or Jarred.
  • Italian seasoning. (Optional)
  • Sugar. (Optional)
  • Butter. (Optional)
  • Onions. (Optional)
  • Garlic. (Optional)

First off, if you want to add some zip to your canned sauce, fry/sautee some diced onions and garlic.  (Please excuse my dirty burners!)

Put some butter in the frying pan first.  Let it melt and then toss in your diced up onions.  I like to let those cook for a little while before putting in the garlic as the garlic doesn’t need as much time in the pan.

If you used garlic from the jar that comes packed with the garlic “juice” by all means spoon some of that in the pan, too!

Again, forgive the stove!  I started making these after I had heated up leftovers for dinner tonight.

While the onions are going fill up a pot with water.  Boil the water, then put your sausages in it.  This way, the sausages will be cooked (or nearly cooked) even before they hit the sauce.  I boiled them for 30ish minutes.

While the sausages are boiling, you can get the sauce started.  Empty the can (s) of sauce into the crockpot.

Mix whatever spices, onions, or sugar you want.  I added some Italian seasoning, sugar and the sauteed onions and garlic.

I like sweet tomato sauce, so I usually add sugar.  If you’ve never tried it, I highly suggest it!

Sometimes I brown the sausages in a frying pan before putting them in the sauce.  I usually do this if they’ll only be in the sauce for a few hours.  Since these bad larries will be in the crockpot over night, I did not brown them.  Instead, I put them right into the pot.

I can smell them right now!  I might not be able to sleep tonight!



~ by NJC on October 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sneak peak for tomorrow’s supper”

  1. Hmmmm… you really think the garlic is optional?????? It’s one of my favorite Sunday Suppers (garlic not optional!)

  2. crock pot meals are so much fun! I’ve never used it to cook sausage though, that’ll be my next crock pot meal for sure.

    • I tossed a few meatballs in this morning, too. Check out the post I’m writing about the rest of the meal. The sausages were beyond awesome.

      And I definitely agree, I love using the crockpot.

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