Crockpot Sausages part II

Thankfully it was another beautiful day so I was outside and didn’t have to smell the sausages cooking all day.  If I was stuck inside, I may not have been able to wait so long!

This guy helped me not get too hungry and eat the sausages early.

I won’t do a full write up, but it’s real simple!  And it’s a great way to make a lady breakfast!

Scramble some eggs (I add cheese and Frank’s).  Toast your English muffins (or bagel).

Butter the English muffins, put the cheese on the top and bottom (so it melts from the heat from the English muffins).  Put your eggs on the bottom, put the ham on top of the eggs (I fry the ham up, too).  There ya go!  No need to go to Dunkies.

Any who, on to the good stuff.  To go with the sauce and sausages I made pasta,   garlic bread and salad.  I’m hoping you know how to make salad and pasta so I won’t go into that.  If you need help making those two…  may God have mercy on your soul.

Ingredients to make the garlic bread:

  • Bread.  Any kind will do so long as it’s white and plain. Wheats and oats, etc don’t work well as they have their flavor.  I used Texas toast tonight, but in a pinch I’ve used hamburger rolls, hotdog rolls, English muffins, anything!
  • Minced garlic.
  • Garlic powder.  If you don’t have any minced garlic, you can use just powder.  It’ll still be garlicy good.
  • Pepper. (Optional)
  • Italian seasoning. (Optional)
  • Butter.  You could use oil instead, but I like the buttery garlic taste.

First step is to put your slices of chosen bread onto a baking sheet.  You can also preset your over on the broil setting and around 350*.

After that, butter the bread up.  How much is up to you, but I think more is better.   I have the entire piece buttered up from end to end!

Once your bread is all buttered up you can add the garlic.

I spoon in some of the garlic “juice” on as well as the chunks of minced garlic.  Use the spoon to spread it around evenly.

How much garlic you add is up to you.  I add enough so I get a lot of flavor, but you don’t want to add too, too much and overdo it.

If you want to add more spices, you can do it after you put the minced garlic and garlic juice on.

Sometimes I add salt but tonight I just added the Italian seasoning, garlic powder and black pepper.

I broiled the bread for about 12 minutes in the oven.

I now I’ve said this about everything I make, but how long you cook it is really up to you.

Most of my “recipes” have a great amount of leeway and I encourage you to embrace it!  I don’t use measuring cups, etc for a reason!

After your bread is ready, it’s up to you how to enjoy it.  I cut it in half and ate it with the pasta.  I love dipping it into the sauce.  I keep a piece for the end of the meal, to “clean” the bowl with!

I tried to get a good picture of the sausage to show you just how much flavor and sauce the sausages soaked up.  Notice how the sausage is not gray any more.  They were also so soft you could cut them with a fork the same way you would cut up a meatball.


~ by NJC on October 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Crockpot Sausages part II”

  1. This actually looks good enough to go to the store, buy the needed items and start making this right away. I love my Crock Pot (just a slow cooker actually not “technically” a Crock Pot) but I don’t use it enough. I need to.

  2. Thanks! I can’t think of anything that is better when cooked fast. It’s usually better when slow cooked. It’s really amazing how the sausages turn so soft and absorb so much flavor from the sauce. I highly recommend!

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