I promised sports and rock ‘n’ roll too.

My Bruins have their home opener at the TD Garden tonight.  (For Raven’s sake, I’ll amend that… they’re playing at the Gahden).  Despite an awful first game over in Prague, the B’s have looked good this year.  Much better than last year.  Last year’s team was plagued by the inability to finish in front of the net and get the puck over the line.  This year, the team seems to be on the same page as far as making sure to crash the net and collect rebounds.

There were a few key additions which are helping this cause.  Nathan Horton has shown he has a goal scorers touch this season.  Horton also plays “Bruins” hockey – meaning he’s not an ice princess.  Gregory Campbell is another that he exhibited Bruins style hockey.  He’s dropped the mitts twice this season and is always willing to tangle with guys out of his weight class (something that I appreciate!).   Of course there was much buzz about the number two overall pick Tyler Seguin.  I admit he’s shown bursts of speed and a goal scorers touch, but it remains to see how tough he plays.   We’ll have to wait to see if he plays the way Satan did last year, or how Kessel played much of his time in Boston.

Combine the above with a healthy Timmy Thomas, Milan Lucic, Dennis Seidenberg and David Krejci and things look promising.  Throw in Michael Ryder (the guy has options, why wasn’t he playing in Providence last year?) and Blake Wheeler playing much tougher and smarter this year and it gets even better.   The cherry on top?  A fourth line with guys like Shawn Thornton scoring and Brad Marchand finally in the NHL and playing his ass (and being the pest he’s so good at being) and I’m pretty excited for this season!


~ by NJC on October 21, 2010.

One Response to “I promised sports and rock ‘n’ roll too.”

  1. Haha you are halarious! Thanks for saying that correctly! Gahden, hehe love it 😉

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