Essentials for your man kitchen.

I believe in simplicity.  My wardrobe consists of Bruins t shirts,  Red Sox t shirts (does anyone want my Papelbon shirt?  that guy blows now) and band t shirts.  I own two pairs of jeans.  Simple is great.  I treat the kitchen the same way.  There’s tons of fancy crap out there that you might use once… but I’d rather keep stuff I can use many ways.  That’s partly me being simple and partly me being a cheap unemployed bum.

Man Food spice rack essentials:

  • Garlic powder.  This is a Man Food favorite.  No tomato sauce is complete without garlic powder.  It can be used as a rub on steak, chicken, in sauces, in tuna salad… very useful if you like the taste.
  • Salt.  No brainer.  Please don’t make me explain it’s uses.
  • Pepper.  Another Man Food favorite.  I like to use both red and black pepper.  Red pepper (in moderation!) is a great way to spice up anything from a sauce to tuna salad to rice.
  • Italian seasoning.  Mostly used in sauces, but you can use it with olive oil to make quick salad dressings or to cook chicken.
  • Ginger.  Least used but still important.  For the occasional oriental (or in my case fake oriental) food.

Man Food Condiments:

  • Franks hot sauce.  I really do put that shit on everything.
  • Soy sauce.  Goes really well with pork.  Feeling crazy?  Dab a little bit on pineapple slices and bbq them.
  • Mayo / Mustard.  Aside from the standard uses, they can be used in chicken and tuna salad, etc.  Mustard can be a great base for sauces for pork and chicken.
  • Lemon juice.  I like putting a little in my Camelbak before mountain biking.  In the kitchen it’s great for oriental stuff as well as making lemon pepper :: insert your meat  of choice here :: (That’s what she said??)
  • Salad dressing.  Your choice, but it’s great for use as a quick sauce in addition to… well, you know.

Man Food tools:

  • Frying pan.  Sandwiches (grilled PBJ anyone?) and quick meals.
  • Sauce pan.  I’d suggest a couple sizes so you can cook a sauce and pasta at the same time.
  • Spatulas.  Yes, plural.  On a given meal I always find myself using at least two.  I like using them to mix more than spoons.
  • Wooden spoon.  Many, many uses.
  • Sharp knives.  Make sure they are sharp!  They don’t have to be expensive, but make sure they’re sharp.
  • Cutting board.  Much easier and cleaner than cutting on your counter.
  • Measuring cup.  This is really only used when making rice… and honestly, I’d almost consider this optional for my style of cooking.  But I’m also the same guy that couldn’t fit the bed he just bought into his car without taking it out of the box…

That’s it, really.  You don’t need crazy stuff.  Blenders, mixers, all that junk is great.  If you know what to do with it and use it!


~ by NJC on October 21, 2010.

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