Seafood in Maine

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This post is mostly about keeping my streak alive.  I’ve had at least one post in each month for the past few months and didn’t want to break the streak!

A few weeks ago Sophie and I went to Ogunquit, Maine.  This is where my family has been vacationing for many, many years and I wanted to show her around.  Part of any trip to that area needs to include a stop at Jake’s in Moody.  There’s only one meal for me when I go: fried clam strips.  The only real options are onion rings or fries.

Without any further introduction, here are the finest fried clam strips in New England.  They are never over fried so you can taste the fresh seafood.  They aren’t too clammy.  They aren’t rubbery.  And the seasoning is perfect – not over done.

Even a fat kid has to throw in the towel at some point…

Now that I’ve introduced the blog to more people, I am going to attempt to start posting regularly again.  I haven’t been cooking as much fun stuff with work hours being so late, but I will attempt to start doing so once again.  I also have a decent queue of past recipes that I am excited to show everyone.  I will say that one involves surf and turf – and mangoes!


I really do love that dirty water

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This past weekend America’s two sail powered active military ships were both in the Charlestown Navy Yard.  I didn’t realize it until I was cruising around the North End and noticed the Eagle docked.  Pretty cool!

Sorry for the lousy phone camera quality.  Both ships docked facing each other:

The Kona:

Fatkid Fridays

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A few of us started a tradition of going to Cherry Farm for some of their fantastic home made ice cream after work on Fridays.  (We also started the tradition of using TOPGUN callsigns while in training… anyway…)

Anyway, last Friday I got three scoops of sorbet (which is their regular).  I got one scoop each of mango (not approved for Sophie’s mom), raspberry and lemon.  Wicked good!

More Oat Chicken

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Sometimes you just find a good thing and can’t get enough of it.  I’m this way with oat chicken now.  I prefer to coat my baked chicken in oats instead of breadcrumbs now!  The taste and texture is different and wicked good!

I’ve showed you how to make it before… so here’s some gratuitous pictures.

Pizza With a Twist

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Yes, yes I know… It’s been forever and a week.  Now that I’ve passed the MA state insurance producer’s exam I’ll have way more time to blog!  I think at least one person out there is happy to read that… maybe?

Sophie and I were aiming to make a non-boring, non-redsauce based pizza.  Our collective scatterbrain genius came up with this gem: bacon and jalapeno alfredo sauce pizza.

The thought process started out with pizza but not normal pizza.  Then we tossed around the idea of a white sauce and ground turkey.  Then we didn’t want to use turkey… well, it doesn’t really matter.  All that mattes is the end result!

What we used:

  • Premade pizza crust (we cheated for time’s sake)
  • Alfredo sauce (again cheated for time’s sake… we used the packets)
  • Jalapeno peppers
  • Red peppers
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Monterrey jack cheese
  • Bacon
  • Tomatoes

The first steps are all prep steps.  Dice up your bacon, jalapenos and peppers.  We sliced the tomatoes nice and thin since I really don’t like huge chunks of tomatoes in anything.   After everything is sliced start cooking up the bacon.  You can use a frying pan or a wok (what we used).  While you get that going, you can start heating up your alfredo sauce.  I wanted to make sure most of the jalapeno got to soak in the alfredo sauce as it was being warmed up so the spices would mix in with the sauce.

After the sauce is ready, spread the sauce on the crust.  How much you use is entirely up to you.  We put a generous layer of sauce on the crust.  Next up was the mozzarella cheese layer.  Once the sauce is spread out and the cheese are dumped on, we laid out the tomato slices.

The next layer was bacon.  On top of the bacon we drizzled the rest of the sauce.  Then the peppers were added.  The top layer was the Monterrey jack cheese.  Put it in the oven per the instructions on your cheater crust and bam!  Not boring pizza!

Before baking:

Ready to eat goodness:

laziness / busyness

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I know I’ve been awful the past few weeks.  Between watching the Bruins bring Lord Stanley’s cup back to the hub of hockey to getting a job (that requires me to study for and pass a license exam) I’ve been busy!  When I haven’t been busy I’ve just not felt like doing anything remotely workish.

I’ve got a decent backlog I’m going to start working through for everyone (anyone?)

Back to studying… but for now here’s a song that’s been stuck in my head for the past few days.  I dig the video, I really like the band and the lyrics are really simple and to the point.  I hate the Yankees, Rangers, Jets and Giants… but I like lots of NYCHC (Shhhh).

Can anyone tell me who won?

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Does anyone know who won the Stanley Cup this year?

Wait, no, I remember now… the Big Bad  Bruins won.  Cue the Duckboats!  Not only did they win but they won against a team of whiny, flopping babies.  From Burrows biting Bergeron to the Sedin sisters (how many points for those two in the finals?) flopping and getting DECKED by Thomas (the goalie) and then complaining… it was easy to hate that team.

And to anyone who thought Boston wasn’t a hockey town… tell that to the 1.5 million people who showed up for the parade.


I’m working on the rest of my playoffs music videos.  I need to finish the TBL video and start the Vancouver video.